The Chains That Bind — Part III

A little a over two years ago, I wrote a couple of posts about the symbolism of Squires’ and Knights’ chains in the SCA. While I am not any particular Knight’s Squire or Man-At-Arms, I still believe that symbols, as well as words, have power. So, I put in an order to The Ring Lord, and got some stainless steel rings.

“But, why, when you are not a Squire?” some will be sure to ask.

Because I believe in putting my thoughts and words into action. Because I have recently been reminded that I am accountable for my words and deeds. I can do and be better, and I should. 

The Midrealm Chivalry Oath encourages the Order:
To ever be a good knight and true,
Reverent and generous,
Shield of the weak,
Obedient to my liege-lord,
Foremost in battle,
Courteous at all times,
Champion of the right and the good.

The Midrealm Pelican Oath encourages the Order:
To remember courtesy and kindness
To prize justice above personal gain
To labor for the common good
To enrich the Kingdom and the Society
So they may flourish and grow

The Midrealm Defence Oath encourages the Order:
To ever stand in its defense
Facing my foes with courage and honor
Protecting the Innocent
Mindful of mercy
Obedient to my Liege Lord
Guardian of the just and right

The common thread between all of these Oaths is that they encourage those who take them to Be the Leader and to stand up for what is Right. As I recently told my King (Felix the Just), ultimately, I want to be a force for Good. That means, while I am not a member of these Orders, acting like I am.

It means upholding the Dream for everyone, especially right now.

It means that, instead of hastily responding with anger and frustration, I step back, breathe, and make an attempt to educate.

It means that I am visible because my voice and my presence matter not so much for me, but for others who look like me and may not be able to be as vocal.

Especially right now.

I leave you with this call to action in the form of the words of my friend, Zahra Tesfaye, the SCA Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer:
Every member of the SCA can effect positive change through personal accountability. Educate yourself and those around you on issues of injustice. Speak out against it when you see it, and use any platform that you have to elevate other voices speaking out against it, particularly those voices of marginalized groups. Assist those causes which seek to address discrimination, racial inequity, and all systemic injustice through the resources that you have available to you.

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources
Timeline of Protests/History of Policing and Racism in America 

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