Trans 101 for the SCA

Back in 2017, I got the wild hair up my tail to create a class for the Society for Creative Anachronism¬† that centers on the experiences of Trans and Gender Non-Conforming individuals. Since then, I’ve presented the class several times, and am constantly reviewing my content for updates and changes. As I’m transitioning away from having handouts for participants (because of not wanting to create more waste than is necessary), I figured that offering the digital file would be a good compromise.

At some point, I’ll do a professional recording with captions and presentation graphics. For right now, though, these are the notes that I teach from, meaning that they are often incomplete and just contain “trigger words” to help me remember my next point.

If you’d like to invite me to present my class at your event, please e-mail me at Thegn [at] midrealm [dot] org.

Class Name: Trans 101 for the SCA — A Primer

Class Length: 1.5-2 hours

Class Description: As modern society becomes more open and accepting, transgender individuals are becoming more visible in their representation both in and out of the SCA. Please join us for a discussion about interacting with these members of the populace. Topics will include history, etiquette, basic definitions for the community, and an open forum for attendee questions.

I had someone ask about age-appropriateness of the class.

I consider it family-friendly since I don’t use terminology outside of what’s generally used in schools.

Parents — Ultimately, the discretion is yours, but I cover the following topics:
– Human sexuality (including the mention of genitalia in the context of development/puberty)
– Bias in research (including colonialism)
– Sex work
– Discrimination (both past and current)

This list is not exhaustive, but covers a fair portion of what to expect.

Class Note Downloads
Note: I’m a resident of the Middle Kingdom (aka Midrealm), so there is a version of the class notes that is Midrealm-specific to address some of our procedures. The Known World version is the version I teach at Pennsic and that is approved to be presented by other instructors. If you are a trans or gender non-conforming individual and wish to present the Known World version at your local event, please contact me in advance of the event.

Trans 101 Outline – Known World – 9.2020

Trans 101 Outline – Midrealm – 10.2019

Facebook Live Video (recorded 10/27/2019):

YouTube (recorded 3/21/2020):

YouTube (recorded 4/18/2020):

YouTube (recorded 5/15/2020):

YouTube (recorded 7/24/2020):

Facebook Live Video (recorded 11/11/2020):


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