10394076_10102247642967579_3480041894796195598_nSince 2014, I’ve participated in an organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, as a Russian merchant/trader named Samson “Samii” Muskovich in multiple facets: as a photographer, volunteer at various events, leatherworker, heavy fighter, archer, and, most recently, Feast Cook and Webmaster for the Canton of Grey Gargoyles.


Samii has found himself aligned with House Clovenshield, a Viking mercenary household that contracts out their services for reasonable rates for the Kingdoms of the Known World at various fighting events. In addition to fighting with Clovenshield, he supplies them with various leather items, including mug straps and armor straps/buckles, and has developed a candied bacon recipe specifically for House Clovenshield.

Samii is often seen in the company of Haelga Ingrdottir, Jurik, and Siobhan an Einigh (collectively known as The Shenanigators) or Adella of Ayreton when not with House Clovenshield.

Samii’s Heraldic information is as follows:

Samson Muskovich Device Final DraftSCA Heraldic Registration

Samson: “Sun”

Muskovich: “Honorable/Honored Man”

Registered Device Emblazon: Argent, a winged cat sejant sable, on a chief gules a sun Or between two mullets of six points argent.

Submitted: June 2014

Approved at Society Level: September 2014


To see some of the projects I’ve completed and my other involvement in the SCA, please see the dropdowns above.

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