Samii Tiger

The character “Samii Tiger” was created in 1991 (when I was 5-and-a-half years old) and has a long, storied history.

The Ninja Animals

Pretty much what it sounds like. A playground RPG created by Samii and one of his classmates, the Ninja Animals were originally humans that were injected with animal DNA to give them super-human abilities to fight against an opposing faction of anthropomorphic villains lead by Hyena Head. The Ninja Animals were able to shapeshift back and forth between their human and anthro forms to allow them to lead “normal” lives.


Ah, Furcadia. Samii joined Furcadia in 1996 and has associated with several people and groups during his time there, including forming (and later disbanding) the Furcadian Air Force. When the Wings patch came out, Samii started sporting a pair of white bird-like wings and has kept them as part of his persona since then.

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