On Emotional Labor in the SCA

This applies more to the Pelicans and Laurels more than the martial orders, but I have, as a non-Peer, an ask for when you are considering candidates for an order. Or, Hell, if you’re a landed coronet or Crown bestowing awards:
Take into consideration the emotional labor you are seeing minorities expend for the sake of bettering the SCA.

Many of you who are Peers have privilege (much of the SCA is cis, straight, and White) and don’t see burdens that those of us who are minorities take on to educate, inform, and make the Society more equitable. Mostly, we just want the game we play to be more equitable and accessible for everyone, but that comes at a cost to us, usually in the form of burnout.

Even if it’s not an award, a “thank you”, publicly or privately given, goes a long way towards letting folks know they’re appreciated.

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