I Get Around (To Fighter Practice)

Sundays bring with them multiple options for fighter practices: Either head south to Grey Gargoyles, head Northwest to Jaravellir/Northshield, or head Northeast to Ravenslake.

Today, mostly because I knew I was mildly low on spoons after work last night, I chose to go Northeast to Ravenslake. And I’m glad I did. I haven’t been up to Jara’s practice (yet), but every practice I go to offers something different. Today was mainly working on polearm with a bit of endurance tossed in. All told, I was in armor for about 2 hours. I know that doesn’t seem like much, comparatively, but it was decent for me. I tried a new option for fighting garb (my Carraig Ban coat), and I know I’ll have to wear more padding on my shoulders.

It took a bit to let my headspace disengage from its normally wound coil, but when it did, I moved a lot more smoothly. Even though I still have a lot to learn about fighting polearm before I can authorize in it, I felt comfortable and natural holding it, which hasn’t been a “thing” up until recently. I need to make or buy a new shield. Center grip heater shields are not something I work well with despite that being what I have the most experience with. I think, unless I’m fighting melee, I might switch over to sword or axe and buckler. Tzvi also mentioned maces, which would be a fun weapon to fight with in a melee, as well. And I also need to make my dagger. Still.

Got some good feedback on polearm from both Gintaras and Sir Ix, and it definitely helped, getting to practice putting those skills into play.

So, yeah. All told, good practice.

And, then, after practice, I went out to dinner with most of the folks who were at the meeting and practice. Good conversation, good company, decent food. I stayed out WAY too late, but it was totally worth it to spend time with people I don’t get to see often enough.

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