I’ve struggled for the past month or so over how I wanted to reimage/rebrand the site since I basically was given a blank canvas to work from with losing all of the previous content.  People either know me as Samii or Milan, or both, so why not use that to my advantage?

Given that much of my focus seems to be on food these days (I’ve had the “restaurant dream”, instead of the “noodle dream” on numerous occasions), why not do what I intended to do originally and post my original recipes (again) and also review new foods that are out and about? I’m constantly looking for new ingredients that I can use in recipes, so I figure I could write about those. I don’t expect to gain notoriety from this venture — there’s so many food review websites out there –, but it’s something I still constantly feel passionate about. And, well, if someone happens to notice what I’m doing, then that’s awesome.

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